Toronto’s LGBT Area

Toronto’s LGBT Area

For some reason, my parents decided to invest a condo in Toronto, and when our broker took us a tour around Downtown, when we passing by the Church and Wellesley area he told my parents that this is the LGBT area, the condo are significantly cheaper on this street than the bay area.

Truth is that most of people  are very negative on this, and this is definitely one of the fact why they create their own community. It also explains why the condo is significantly cheaper in this area because people are not comfortable living with them.

When I was in high school, I can’t accept the fact that two guys are getting married, or a man turned himself to a girl, how would their parents feel for them if they choose to do this.

Now I respect them, and want them to have the equal rights as the others because everyone has the right to their own body, not their parents or the social judgement. They live happy for their own life, and they are brave enough to make a decision for themselves.

I’m not sure if it’s positive to let them having their own community, I personally think that LGBT area is here for a division because they can only have equal job opportunity here, and they only feel being accepted and comfortable here.

I really hope some day people could feel comfortable having them around, so they also feel comfortable be around us.


6 thoughts on “Toronto’s LGBT Area

  1. I agree and disagree with you on this. I feel like they have created this community to feel accepted, especially when they’re around people who are just like them. Sort of like China Town and Little Italy. But yes, many of them always complain about not being seen as equals to everyone else yet they take a whole block and call it their own and are not fond of straight people living there. My mom used to work for a gay couple and she would tell me about how they had their own community centre strictly for gays and you can only be LGBT to be admitted into it. I don’t think they do this to want their sexual orientation to be accepted. I think this happens because they are just comfortable with being around each other.

    • Jemel,
      I really like your idea! I hope you could feel I get myself conflict on this question because im not sure if it is good for them to have their own area. And I think it is a really sensitive topic to talk about, I tried very hard not to put my personal judgement here yet i still did ;(
      Having their own community makes me feel that they could only get the equal job opportunity there, not on Bay street or Yonge. But it is also good because this creates them lots of job opportunities. ( here you see my conflict)
      I think the LGBT area are very different from China town or little Italy because those places are there to show that Canada respects different culture from different country because it is a immigration country.
      I don’t know if i feel right, but LGBT area is there for a division.

      • I see what you mean now. I guess at first to them it was a great idea, to be able to be open with their sexuality. But like the Pride Parade and all I think it’s becoming too much. It’s become pretty silly. At this rate, all the straight people should have our own section too. And your point about the jobs is so true!! Down on church I was job hunting and all the people working at the coffee shops were all LGBT and they did not seem interested in me at all when I handed in my application. One of the local coffee shop managers even asked me if I was a lesbian. Which was really odd. But I don’t really know what we can do about it. It’s sort of become a stable place now. They’ve marked their territory

      • I think they are not interested in your application because they don’t feel comfortable around the straight people. They don’t want to take any risk to let people judge them anymore since the social environment have already done that to them. They don’t get the equal opportunity in ‘our society’, so we dont get equal opportunity in their world. This seems fair to everyone from their perspective maybe, I feel bad for this phenomenon because why people have to be divided by race, sexual orientation, and income? why the city need to be divided like this?

  2. Karen,

    You make an interesting point regarding sexual orientation and space. On the one hand, sociologists have known for years that ‘birds of a feather flock together’ and this goes not just for division of groups by sexual orientation, but also for things like income, education, race, ethnicity, religion, etc. There are great debates about whether or not individuals and groups are forced to live together because they are not accepted elsewhere vs. whether they live in the same neigbourhoods by choice – and this distinction – force or choice is very significant. Second, your comment on “they should be living with us just like normal people” seems to make some judgement around what constitutes normality. I want to raise your attention to a term: heteronormativity – look it up and see whether you think that you have written your blog post from a heternormative perspective and consider whether there are ways in which you might rewrite or simply re-consider some of your comments. I also want to assure you that this blog should be a safe space in which you are able to work out your ideas and thoughts and in this respect, your post is very appropriate.

    • Professor Brail,
      Thanks for your comment, it gives me lots of new idea to have myself less conflict. My ideas were all tangled around when I first post this.
      The reason why I quote is link is because i strongly feel it is a ‘division’ ( this is the closest word I could find to describe) when I walk into this neighborhood. Old buildings, bad-environment restaurants, I even see people spitting on the street… huge difference from bay street which is just 2 blocks away. So I started thinking when I got home whether it’s good to have this ‘division’ or not…In my opinion, these people choose to live in their own community themselves because they are forced to do so. (i.e strong social judgement)

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