Link of the week 6

Link of the week 6

I found this news really shocking that I choose this to be the link of the week.

A girl aged 21 who is a friend of friend of mine attending University of Columbia was killed in L.A, and was found in the water tank of the hotel. She was traveled alone to the united states by herself, and was acting paranormally in the elevator before the day she was killed. 

Now the police are investigating, but RIP Elisa Lam.


Week 6 secondary: Is it necessary? It is too much.

Is it necessary? It is too much.

It took me really long to find the translation version of this article.

A bit scary to look at the picture that the government uses the cement cones trying to avoid the homeless. The homeless always find the area under the bridge a shelter because it could keep them from the rain and sunshine. And the government of guangzhou find a tactic to against them. It makes me recall what our guest lecturer told us last week that the bars between the benches is a way to keep the homeless away. But seriously, this is too much, it is too obvious, and also is dangerous for those drivers and passengers. Is this necessary?

WEEK 6 main blog

In my opinion, we all have the equal access to the public space, that’s why it is called ‘public space’.  The only restriction whether you could be in that certain public space is whether your behavior is appropriate or inappropriate. There’s a place called ‘Wreck beach’ in UBC, Vancouver. I still remember that our group was assigned a topic related to the beach for grade 10 english class, and we need to take some pictures there. We were shocked when we entered that beach, all the people are naked lying on the beach or walking naked. I was like, Oh my god this is so embarrassing…All the people on the beach were looking at us because we were the only 3 people on the beach that were with clothes. Then we tried very hard ignoring those naked people and working on our project. When one of us was taking the picture of the sea, the sea!!!! There was a woman running towards us ( naked ), she took the camera from my friend and threw that into the sea. We can’t believe what just happened, What??? She was so angry at us and yelled ‘ what are you doing? we are naked, we are taking drugs and you guys are taking pictures? ‘ We were only 15 at that time, and all of us were scared, so we ran away from that beach. I had never went to that place since then.

Wreck beach is of course a public space for people being naked and taking drugs, but not for those visitors taking pictures of the view since it is considered as a strange and inappropriate behavior there.

Same as the LGBT area, a man could dress up like a girl without being weird in this area, however, if a man in a skirt is walking in Eaton center, people would sure think this guy is strange. From the course reading, “ For gay and lesbian identified individuals, negotiating the street thus presents a series of tactical choices, principally whether challenge the heternomativity of the street. Paradoxically, perhaps, this can include performances which are enactments of exaggerated versions of normative femininity and masculinity. These performances can destabilize the regulatory fictions of heteronormativity by placing in public view a disjuncture between an embodied gender appearance and assumed sexuality(1993) terms masquerade.’ (Smith, 2010, p 105) The city are divided into different sections, and only the appropriate behavior will be accepted by the other users of the particular public space. There’s no particular ownership for the public spaces except those ‘divided public spaces’ such as Chinatown, Little Italy and the LGBT area. Chinatown gives the most employment opportunity to Chinese, and LGBT area gives the opportunities to the LGBT. It shouldn’t be like this because difference area should only represent different culture in my opinion, not the restriction of the employment and it shouldn’t have the particular ownership for the public spaces. I feel awkward  and afraid walking on the street of Church, and strongly experience that I am excluded from that place because i dress different from those people on the street.

It is not possible for the public space be inclusive to all the groups, some are just owned by different groups of people, and you are just not appropriate to be there.


Malone, K. 2002. Street life: youth, culture and competing uses of public space. Environment and Urbanization, 14, 157-168.

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‘China has not …

‘China has not established the rule of law and if there is a power above the law there is no social justice. Everybody can be subjected to harm. I’m just a citizen: my life is equal in value to any other. But I’m thankful that when I lost my freedom so many people shared feelings and put such touching effort into helping me. ‘
-Ai Weiwei

The person who said this is very famous in China.

My parents told me lots of stories about him that he was put in Jail several times because of publicly revealing the darkness of the government of China. My dad told me that Chinese government is very sensitive when the citizen talking about their issues especially through the media. The older generation of China can’t understand Aiweiwei doing this, because their ‘conservative’ mind is that this guy is like blaming his own mother when he’s doing this. I think this man is brave enough to say the issues of the government, because he wants the situation to be changed that everyone in China would have the equal rights.

week 5 secondary:“It was around …

“It was around this time that I started thinking about how skin color defined class. The cowboy movies that fueled the goodness of ‘White’ reinforced attaching ‘darkness’ to a class. I finally took notice that the crayon color called ‘flesh’ did not match mine.”
― Luis Quiros, An Other’s Mind

Every one should have the equal rights to the city. No one had the option to choose their skin color, race or sex. It’s not right to treat each group of people differently. The skin color only indicates where that person is originally from, and that’s all. I believe that everyone should have the equal opportunity yet the social environment is completely different from what I think.

Again, people can’t choose their skin color, everyone is born in different ways.

week5 link- Graffiti

week5 link- Graffiti

I observed lots of Graffiti in Toronto especially around Chinatown and spadina area.

It makes the city looks kind of messy, however, The Graffiti is actually a form of art and reflects some social and judgmental issues. This ‘impolite’ way to express the artists’  thoughts has eventually become a culture of our city.



Week 5

Every person have the equal right to access the public space. 

Back to the days when I was in Shanghai about 6 years ago, I often see those Yangge dancer every morning when I go to the park. The music was quite loud, and they occupied a big space in the park which blocked the path.

I would say that Yangge is a good activity for those people, because most of the Yange dancers are retired and in their mid 60s’. Yange is an opportunity for them to make new friends and it is good for their health. During the night, there are also some elder disco dancer gathering in the park, and playing the loud music which disturbed the neighborhood.

When Caroline talks about the ‘dancing rights’ in her article ‘Dancing in the streets of Beijing’, I’ve learnt that some Yangge dancers have to travel to the farthest park from their home to find a dancing space, yet some people are experiencing the memory problems and are disabled. 

I’m really worried. 

However, it seems there’s no way dancing without disturbing the neighborhood except travelling to a rural neighborhood since Yangge involves loud and drumming music. 

public becomes private

public becomes pr

When you walking on the Wellesley street, you could see this ‘special’ area among the high rises. This fenced area was a public park, but it is going to be a condominium building in the future.

I was surprised when I first see this, and I could strongly feel the anger.

I wish the government would aware of this problem, and create more public area for people to relax.