Week 5

Every person have the equal right to access the public space. 

Back to the days when I was in Shanghai about 6 years ago, I often see those Yangge dancer every morning when I go to the park. The music was quite loud, and they occupied a big space in the park which blocked the path.

I would say that Yangge is a good activity for those people, because most of the Yange dancers are retired and in their mid 60s’. Yange is an opportunity for them to make new friends and it is good for their health. During the night, there are also some elder disco dancer gathering in the park, and playing the loud music which disturbed the neighborhood.

When Caroline talks about the ‘dancing rights’ in her article ‘Dancing in the streets of Beijing’, I’ve learnt that some Yangge dancers have to travel to the farthest park from their home to find a dancing space, yet some people are experiencing the memory problems and are disabled. 

I’m really worried. 

However, it seems there’s no way dancing without disturbing the neighborhood except travelling to a rural neighborhood since Yangge involves loud and drumming music. 


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