China blocks youtube (week 4 link)

China blocks youtube (week 4 link)

Every time when I get back to china, I can’t go on Facebook or youtube. 

And I just sent the link of my blog to junior school friend who’s in China right now, he can’t open this link either.

The internet is a platform for people to express ideas and thoughts, and it is too bad that the government of China block the access to some of the oversea websites.


2 thoughts on “China blocks youtube (week 4 link)

  1. I believe it’s called censorship. Since the form of government is different in China than in Canada, the way society is running also differs. If Facebook and Youtube is being blocked in China, then the government probably feels that these two sites are a threat to their country (in one way or another, maybe along the lines of decreasing exposure of the alternate governments and therefore decreasing any form of revolt or trouble). All in all, it is pretty depressing to not have the two largest and most popular social sites available to you, I wouldn’t know what my internet experience would be like if I could no longer go on Youtube or Facebook.

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