week 7 link : Made in China, Made with the world

week 7 link : Made in China, Made with the world

A short 34 seconds advertisement has been controversial for many years.

I first heard about this ad on a news article several years ago, I can’t remember but the article was very negative on this advertisement. As you can see, almost all the comment below this ad are all negative. The main idea of the article and all the comments on youtube, in conclusion, ” China is flattering itself”. 

Chinese government is trying to change people’s image of ‘made in China’, and that is seemingly not acceptable by others.

Almost all of my clothes state ‘Made in China’ on its tag, and they all have really good quality and last for many years. 

For this, I can relate, and I actually feel really proud about it. Recently, a company from U.S asked my dad for a sample ( something related to truck, there’s a very fancy and professional name but I cant remember). The laboratory results they just got back to us is our ‘made in China’ sample has the same quality as the ‘Made in USA’ but our products only cost 2/3 of the US one.

I don’t think ‘made in china’ represents cheap and bad quality goods, the quality is improving because the chinese become specialized, experienced, and professional on manufacturing  and i also don’t think it is necessary to change the tag to ‘made with china’.


2 thoughts on “week 7 link : Made in China, Made with the world

  1. There is a lot of evidence to show that the quality of Chinese-made manufactured goods now rivals and in some cases, exceeds the quality of goods made elsewhere, including in the United States. This is true in the fashion industry (see: Reinach, S.S., 2005. China and Italy: fast fashion versus pret a porter.Towards a new culture of fashion. FashionTheory 9(1),43–56.)
    Also, here is the link to the Edward Burtynksy material on Chinese manufacturing that I mentioned in class this week: (click on “works”, then “china” and then “manufacturing”

  2. Having only lived as a Canadian in Canada, I’ve often wondered how I would perceive issues if I had grown up in a different country. I have thought about this with regards to China’s manufacturing. I agree with you, Karen, that there is a big stigma that says that things made cheaply in China are of low quality. I don’t expect anything I buy at the dollar store to last an extensive amount of time or to work perfectly; however, just because it costs less doesn’t mean it’s of lesser quality — or rather, just because it costs more doesn’t mean it’s of better quality. But this stigma that exists gives a negative view on China. I’ve also wondered if things sold in China are also made in China? Or are most goods exported and others imported? I think that there is a lot of unknowns about the realities of manufacturing in China and efforts to expose them, such as you’ve described, are very important.

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