Week7 secondary post: a trip to Kensington market.

The field trip last week to the kensington market has changed my impression to it comprehensively. This field trip allowed me to discover the kensington market from a different perspective. I also learnt how hard the people of this neighborhood try to keep  its identity.

I was surprised to see this ‘Hainan association of canada’ in the kensington market, because chinatown is just across the street, and this kind of association should be located in Chinatown by common sense.


I found that if you stand on a random spot of kensington market, and turn around, you could see at least 5 countries.

As David took us go to different parts of the market, I found that some of houses are quite old and lack of  maintenance.  Kensington is a relatively hidden area due to its huge neighbor – Chinatown. The picture below is the outer stairs of the house, it is my fist time to see stairs like this, I’ve once seen that in a japanese cartoon. Personally, I also think that people should use the space more efficiently.

image copy 3image copy 4

I love this place, it is such an amazing area that has all the thing you need in walking distance. People living in this place does not even need to take any public transportation.

I know understand it is a hard work to develop the market without breaking its identity, how they try to not bringing in any lob laws and Starbucks in to the market.   thanks to those people who try hard to keep its original.

image copy

I was amazed by its diversity, and I really appreciate this experience that made me know more about Toronto.

I’m gonna take my friends here someday, and proudly tell them what I know about this place.



2 thoughts on “Week7 secondary post: a trip to Kensington market.

  1. Karen,

    I am just reviewing your blog and wanted to tell you that the stairs on the outside of the house are for safety – in case of a fire – so that the people can get out of the house. This is very common in older buildings in dense neighbourhoods, and also in cities like New York too.

    • I realized we’ve also got some stairs like that in the campus, particularly on those old houses. I was confused why to put a stair on the outside of the construction.

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