Week 8 Secondary blog: guest blogger

This is a guest blog from my friend, who’s in her third year in Law of Peking university in China.


I was surprised to get a request from Karen asking me to write as a guest blogger regarding to a social issue for her course, I was like, ‘wow, how cool is a course writing blogs, we never have that kind of course in China.’ Maybe I should talk about the education in difference between 2 countries? After much thinking, I actually have no idea how canada look like, so I think just talk about a ‘more social justice’ related thing in China, I hope I’m talking about the right thing 😉

Recently i read an article on the ‘IUD’ in china. which is a long term birth control method. I also did some research on this. In canada or US, the IUD is like ‘o-shaped’ or ‘T-shaped’ which the woman would easily get them out from a clinic without any pain. However, the “IUD” in China looks like a grabber, which is not possible to get it out. That article was about a chinese woman went to a clinic in Canada, and ask the doctor to take it out for her. The doctors first made sure what shape that is and decide which tool should use to get it, by the ultrasound, it looks like a ‘T-shape’, so the doctor choose the tool for T shape, usually it only take several minutes to get it out, but this doctor used about an hour. Why? because the Canadian doctor has never seen or imagined there would be an “IUD’ look like a ‘T shaped grabber’. So she assumed it is ‘T shaped’, however, when she tried to take it out, as you could imagine, it is painful.

The doctor ends up to be very angry to the Chinese doctors, she told that woman that the chinese doctors are so mean because they never want you to remove the IUD once they put that in your body.

It is unfair, I can’t imagine this birth control system in my country is that mean and nasty. And the woman who wants to do the IUD surgery doesn’t know it is that hard to take them off. Do we even have human rights in China?


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