Week 9 secondary blog: street food party

Week 9 secondary blog: street food party

This article is from the spacing magazine, it is about a street food party that gathers a lot of street venders and food trucks. The street food has actually become a culture of toronto, that when people talking about the word ‘street food’ it is not only hotdogs and chips, it is actually street food with diversity. The woman in the video says that we could get the street food at the same level with any popular restaurant in toronto. To be honest, I have never tried any street food before coming to toronto, because my mom doesn’t allow me to eat street food, she thinks street food are always made with expired meat. Actually , it’s not, and I could prove that. The street food here is very clean and surprisingly delicious, and it is convenient and cheap. I hope this culture would keep and we should have more street venders here in toronto!


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