Week 10: secondary.

I still remember when I tasted the first sip of milk in Canada, I was so surprised because I was drinking a completely different kind of ‘milk’ in the past 14 years. Physical appearance and description?Something white, more like water.

As we move our topic to the food insecurity, it made me think of this huge scandal happened in china five years ago, someone did a calculation and the results showed that with the milk cows we have in china, it was not possible to make that much milk we currently have on the market. Where does the extra milk come from?

I’m not a huge fan of milk, but I had to drink milk because everyone else was drinking. Elementary teacher told us milk is an important source of protein and it would make you smart. I had to admit when I first saw this article I felt pretty sad because I felt like that I have been poisoned since I was born.

Now the food insecurity issue is everywhere, I felt a little crushed after I know how a chicken was raised. Global north and south, the firms are all making the food that is unnatural, because their eyes’ are more on the profits. We know it, so what? we still need to eat.


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