Week 11 Main: We all have food insecurity, it lies in every single person and family.

Week 11: We all have food insecurity, it lies in every single person and family.

  1. True fact:

#1: I bought a box of milk, which its expiry date says best before March 30,  I still remember on March 18th, when I drink it, the milk has already gone bad. I stored the milk in the fridge 24/7, why?

#2: A 24 hr grocery store near my place called RABBA, still the milk story, I bought a bag of milk ( it has 3 small bags inside), which on the tag it says best before April 30th, I was happy because it was the last bag of milk with the expiry date till the late april, When I got home and hope the bag, and I noticed on the small bag, it says the expiry date is March 30th. Although I swore to myself at the moment that I would never go to RABBA again, the next day, I went there to purchase fruit. Because it is the most convenient supermarket near my place.

2)The movie we watched during this week’s class impressed me a lot. ‘Food Source’, if we go back to the origin to a huge piece of chicken breast at metro, we might not want to eat any meat anymore. In the movie, one of the owner said “ these chicken has never seen the sunlight till they die” Also when talking about McDonald’s as one of the largest beef consumer in the world, they guaranteed “100% angus beef” I don’t know if that is true or not, but the big mac these days doesn’t even taste like beef. I do not want to trace back to any food source, because that would only disguise me. What can we do? we can do nothing about it. The food system has been running like this for many years, it has been a format that with a limited resource, those firm has to create enough food to make money and fill people’s needs.

3)Costco, as one of the largest wholesale supermarket in the world, has been reported that their beef steaks has bacteria may cause serious life-threatening illnesses. My family happened to do some grocery shopping there on the next day when we see this report. I thought there should be a huge line of people return the beef, and the beef would not be allowed for sale anymore. Surprisingly, I still see there’s a lot of people purchasing beef in the supermarket.

Looking at these fact of our food system, I feel very sad when writing this blog. I’ve never think about that the food in such a developed country has insecurity issue. I trust the food system, and never thought about what I eat, where it is come from, is it healthy…I’ve never thought about why the chicken breast is so huge, I’ve never thought about why the milk has gone bad way before the expiry date.

Well, When I start to think about this issue, what can we do? We still need to eat, food insecurity lies everywhere.


3 thoughts on “Week 11 Main: We all have food insecurity, it lies in every single person and family.

  1. This is an unsettling story. I’ll never understand why people think it’s okay to sell expired products – don’t they have stockboys or something to go around and make sure that expired things are taken off the shelves? You’d think it would be better for business – otherwise you risk losing a customer, having to pay the money back, and/or getting sued (especially if the customer gets sick from the expired product).
    And I think you nailed the big problem right there – even when you’re informed about the truth of the food system, at the end of the day you still have to eat. So what are you left to do? You can always advocate for change, but in the meantime, once again, you still have to eat. This is how the companies win – even when you fight them you still wind up buying from them because the alternatives are to either spend hundreds of dollars on “good” groceries or starve.

  2. I agree that it is shocking and unsettling to know these things about our food too. As a student that lives in residence, I am, in the same sort of way, “stuck” eating whatever is offered in the dining hall. At the beginning of the school year, I was so impressed with the variety of fresh salads in Fung—the UC dining hall. However, to my horror, one of my friends told me that she found a caterpillar (along with a few other interesting things) in her salad. In addition to this, an upper year told me that she used to eat the salad every day, but always got sick after and she realized that it’s because they don’t really clean the vegetables properly. After these events, I was quite unsettled because although I know these things about the food there, there’s really nothing I can do about it, I can either eat it, eat something different—also from the dining hall—or not eat.

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