Week 11 link

The subway from union to shutdown almost every weekend, therefore, I have to take the shuttle bus last weekend. It was a very terrible experience, i was thinking I would get St.geroge station faster if I walk there myself.

My friend drive me to markham for food twice a month, and that every time it took us an hour to get there, and it only take us 20 minutes to go back. We go there around 5pm, and come back around 10p.m.

I already considered the condos are a disaster for our city, because the developer already built as many as they can, condos are everywhere while many people can’t afford to buy them. There’s lots of people living in richmond hill or north york, purchase a condo in Downtown, and rent it out, then after several years, they can sell it at a really high price.

The transportation system scars me, I live on Yonge street, and I can observe a traffic Jam in very late night. Meantime, as the development of the car rental company, such as zipcar and cartogo, the situation only becomes worth.

But there’s still many needs for cars.


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