Week 11 secondary: (event summary) field trip to metro.

Last week’s class, we were asked to go to the supermarket, and think about what can we buy if we only have $5 for food for one day. This was quite a challenge, with only $5 per day, what can we buy? Honestly, I rarely look at the price when I do the grocery shopping, I just grab whatever I need and want. 

Let us assume we have a  $20 budget for 4 days for meal, because we can’t finish one bag of rice in one day.

Because we have a really tight budget, we can not afford my favorite category throughout the grocery shopping—Snacks, which is actually a good thing because it only makes me fat and unhealthy.

Things I would probably consider:

  1. A pack of 6 eggs —$2.99
  2. A bag of pasta—$0.99
  3. pasta sauce—$3.99
  4. banana per pound—$0.99
  5. chicken legs per pack —$3.99
  6. broccoli—$0.99
  7. A slice of beef steak —$3.50
  8. Oranges per pound —$0.99
  9. tomatoes per pound—$0.99
  10. Potatoes per pound—$1.69
  11. Milk per box—$5.69
  12. one small bag of rice—$3.00 

It wasn’t a nice experience because I need to calculate everything I look at, and need to look for the brands such as ‘selection’. I’m sure that those people who only have $5 budget on food everyday must feel depressing. They can not choose to buy what they like, they can only buy the one can fill them up the most. Milk and eggs are expensive, and it’s almost not possible to afford them, the price of chicken was fine, but one tiny slice of beef costs $3.50 which makes beef not an option for them. Pasta is a good option, but only for those pasta recipe without cheese—5 slices of cheese will costs $3.

I feel really back on the way back to the classroom, I have to think about what can people eat with only $5 everyday plus people have to pay hydro for cooking those food, so it turns out to be less than $5 everyday for a person. On the other hand, i feel graceful for myself because my family can afford my living here in toronto. I can choose to eat what I want, what I like, I can dine out with my friend in a nice restaurant whenever I don’t feel like cooking. 

Food is an important factor for our health, it is really important to have a regular 3 meals with balanced nutrition. There’s lots of consequences for not having enough nutrition, the poor people suffers more from the illness than the rich people. It is really sad, because we can’t really do much things about it. Since the rent is a large portion for those people, I really hope the government would probably provide a low rent housing in an convenient area for those people.


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