Week 12 main: the end comes to another start.

Time flies, I can’t believe i am now writing my last main blog entry. I’m feeling a little sad right now because I’m really gonna miss this class.  I could still remember how hard I was struggling during the first week when I was writing my first blog entry, now all the ideas come up to my minds as I sitting in front of my laptop.

I learnt that there lies huge social inequity that rich people get richer, poor people becomes poor. The things I thought was justified is actually not after my studying and reading. Urban social justice, public space and food insecurity, and many other social justice issues are all hard cores that can’t be resolved or cant be resolved easily.

For these 3 month of studying in this social justice course, it makes me open my eyes to look at a wider world. I have to say that I’ve missed lots of interesting things happened around me in the past 18 years, it is not too late that I recognized them now. When I walking around this city, I have realized there’s so many meaningful things to blog about. I’ve gained more than I expected from this course. This is my favorite class this year, and I never missed any of the lecture even if I was sick. I’m sure I will be continuing on my blogs, although not that frequently. I really enjoy the time when I was writing the blog that I could sit comfortably in my living room in the late night, everything is peaceful and nice, all the ideas just come to my mind very smoothly. It also helps me develop my critical thinkings that I could think deeper, not just stay on the surface. I have a very great experience after all. My favorite thing about this course is actually to see how others’ thinking about the same problem, I’ve never got a chance before that I could read the whole class’ ideas just through the screen of my laptop. It is really interesting that everyone has their different thoughts and experience, and we could share between each other!

Although this is the end of this course, I believe it is not the end to me of exploring the social justice in our city. Urban social studies, public space, food inequity… I believe there are many more issues out there in the city to blog about which I will find them out in the future of my study.


2 thoughts on “Week 12 main: the end comes to another start.

  1. Karen,
    Your blog is very honest (you admit that you will likely not blog all that frequently) and yet I think you also admit that you see things around you differently now – and that really is one of the key points of the material and ideas we covered this term, and of university in general – there are so many ways of seeing and observing and understanding and by being open to multiple perspectives and thinking about their meaning, we open up new possibilities for learning and thinking (and doing)!

    • I still can’t believe tmr is our last class, thanks professor Brail, I really had a good time during the class, Although it’s a 2.5 hr long lecture, I don’t feel tired at all. This class is more like a club talking about the serious issues in a very leisure way, it helps me develop myself in another way. I really hope we could take a picture of all the class members at the end of tmr’s class 😛

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