1) Costco:

Although I haven’t shopped there for a while since I moved to toronto, it’s still ranked #1 on my list. When I was in Vancouver, we go there every week. I live in West vancouver, and the Costco is in richmond (The one in downtown is smaller, and need to pay for parking). It’s a very long distance to drive there, but my mom like Costco, and she believes we could get high quality food with a cheap price. My mom did an experiment before, she bought beef from T&T, whole foods, Costco, and walmart  on the same day, She told me if the beef turns brown, that means its no longer fresh. the beef from T&T only lasts one day, Walmart, 4 days, Costco and Whole foods’ beef lasts really long( can’t exactly remember). However, the beef from Costco is way more cheaper than the whole foods’ ones.

2) T&T

I dont really want to rank T&T as my second favorite supermarket.  But…since it has all the asian snacks I can’t find elsewhere, fine, I will put it at the second place.

One of my mother’s friend works for T&T as a department manager, and he told my mom never purchase anything from T&T. I am not sure if I can write about it or not, but since I didn’t write his name, I think its fine to tell you guys. I can’t exactly remember, but basically, for example supermarkets like costco, superstore, T&T, they all purchase beef from one place, Larger supermarkets like costco, they have the priority to choose the beef at first place, T&T picks the left overs, which is no longer that fresh. T&T sells the beef at a higher price. What’s mean about T&T is they scalp the ground beef in a really nice shape and put the ‘red beef’ (fresh) that customers can see out, and hide the brown beef inside. Customers only get a thin layer of the fresh beef, and they could only discover it when they got home.

3) whole foods

I am a big fan of organic food, I do not care whether it’s really good for our health or not, I like the word ‘organic’ because it makes me feel less guilty when I eat. There’s nothing negative I feel about this store, it’s very expensive, but we could get very high quality food there. 

4) Metro

I didn’t find any metro in vancouver, maybe its only for toronto?

Metro has been my main food source since I moved to toronto, it’s only 200 m away from where I live. Everything is expensive in downtown while metro have a reasonable price. The food quality is not competitive at all comparing to Costco and whole foods. Once I want to buy some apples, and all the apples in Metro looks so bad that I had to end up buying oranges instead. but it’s close to where I live. 


I got the bad milk from there, it’s only 50m away from where I live, but I choose to go metro more often because I don’t want to get any bad milk anymore. However, it’s the most convenient supermarket for me, and opens 24/7, I do not have any option if I want to buy some food in the late night. 



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