week5 link- Graffiti

week5 link- Graffiti

I observed lots of Graffiti in Toronto especially around Chinatown and spadina area.

It makes the city looks kind of messy, however, The Graffiti is actually a form of art and reflects some social and judgmental issues. This ‘impolite’ way to express the artists’  thoughts has eventually become a culture of our city.




China blocks youtube (week 4 link)

China blocks youtube (week 4 link)

Every time when I get back to china, I can’t go on Facebook or youtube. 

And I just sent the link of my blog to junior school friend who’s in China right now, he can’t open this link either.

The internet is a platform for people to express ideas and thoughts, and it is too bad that the government of China block the access to some of the oversea websites.

Toronto’s LGBT Area

Toronto’s LGBT Area

For some reason, my parents decided to invest a condo in Toronto, and when our broker took us a tour around Downtown, when we passing by the Church and Wellesley area he told my parents that this is the LGBT area, the condo are significantly cheaper on this street than the bay area.

Truth is that most of people  are very negative on this, and this is definitely one of the fact why they create their own community. It also explains why the condo is significantly cheaper in this area because people are not comfortable living with them.

When I was in high school, I can’t accept the fact that two guys are getting married, or a man turned himself to a girl, how would their parents feel for them if they choose to do this.

Now I respect them, and want them to have the equal rights as the others because everyone has the right to their own body, not their parents or the social judgement. They live happy for their own life, and they are brave enough to make a decision for themselves.

I’m not sure if it’s positive to let them having their own community, I personally think that LGBT area is here for a division because they can only have equal job opportunity here, and they only feel being accepted and comfortable here.

I really hope some day people could feel comfortable having them around, so they also feel comfortable be around us.



This is a tv show makes me think. The story happen 100 years later, it’s terrible. People can’t afford food they take pills instead for energy— only the rich people could enjoy meat. Citizens are totally controlled by the government, they could easily track every single person. There’s no privacy.  If u try to against the government, you are
in the prison… Will our life become like this in the future?