public becomes private

public becomes pr

When you walking on the Wellesley street, you could see this ‘special’ area among the high rises. This fenced area was a public park, but it is going to be a condominium building in the future.

I was surprised when I first see this, and I could strongly feel the anger.

I wish the government would aware of this problem, and create more public area for people to relax.



For Mr. Blackett:

What to you think are the factors that the condo buildings keep coming up in toronto? I see at least 7 buildings are under construction around Bay/college, are they using the space in downtown toronto efficiently? Do you think it’s a good phenomenom?

For Ms. Monsebraaten:

Do you think the gap between the rich and poor keeps growing? What will happen?



This is las vegas, beautiful, amazing. Paradise for the rich people.
I took this photo through the window of our hotel room, it’s actually prettier than the picture.
This is the most ‘Creative’ area of the city with famous casinos. People on the street are all dressed in fancy clothes. However, if you walk down to the street to another side, there’s homeless people on the road, drunk…Huge difference. Sometimes tourists only notice the beautiful part of the city, it’s the government try to sell their city. Is everyone in las vegas rich? of course not, the poor people are being abandoned by the creative trend, they can not fit themselves into this hip city anymore.
if the government still try to not face this part, it will be worst in the future. People are going to hate the government.

Week one secondary:Welcoming totem

Welcoming totem

I admit this is not a nice photo shot.

It’s a welcoming aboriginal totem on the ambleside park in west vancouver. Vancouver has more totems like this one in stanley park, and many other places.
The first nation people has been living here for so many years. Vancouver is a mosaic city that generously accepting different culture and willing to show to its citizen.