Week 9 secondary blog: street food party

Week 9 secondary blog: street food party

This article is from the spacing magazine, it is about a street food party that gathers a lot of street venders and food trucks. The street food has actually become a culture of toronto, that when people talking about the word ‘street food’ it is not only hotdogs and chips, it is actually street food with diversity. The woman in the video says that we could get the street food at the same level with any popular restaurant in toronto. To be honest, I have never tried any street food before coming to toronto, because my mom doesn’t allow me to eat street food, she thinks street food are always made with expired meat. Actually , it’s not, and I could prove that. The street food here is very clean and surprisingly delicious, and it is convenient and cheap. I hope this culture would keep and we should have more street venders here in toronto!



Week 8 link: thoughts of the guest blog.

Week 8 link: thoughts of the guest blog.

I found that my guest blogger’s topic is extremely interesting to me, therefore I searched it online: ‘The Chinese Ring’, im  sure it is not a compliment.  People have never seen this kind of ring in other countries. The stainless ring is 1/4 of the T shaped copper ring. And it is very hard to remove, because of the birth control , they never want to to get it removed once you have it.

Human rights…sigh…


week 9 link: st patrick’s day parade

week 9 link: st patrick’s day parade

Last sunday, when I was preparing my exam, I heard noises from the streets downstairs which made me very excited. I almost forgot it was St.Patrick’s day parade, haha it is funny because there’s a parade for st.patrick’s day. At least, I’ve never seen one in Vancouver. 

This Irish holiday parade made me stop and watch even i was very busy, I enjoyed the parade. I also went to the bloor street on that day and I was very surprise that the whole town is celebrating this holiday. It is always glad to see the cultures from different country, and Canada have lots of holidays which is celebrating different country. Living in such a welcoming country really makes people feel comfortable.

Week 8 Secondary blog: guest blogger

This is a guest blog from my friend, who’s in her third year in Law of Peking university in China.


I was surprised to get a request from Karen asking me to write as a guest blogger regarding to a social issue for her course, I was like, ‘wow, how cool is a course writing blogs, we never have that kind of course in China.’ Maybe I should talk about the education in difference between 2 countries? After much thinking, I actually have no idea how canada look like, so I think just talk about a ‘more social justice’ related thing in China, I hope I’m talking about the right thing 😉

Recently i read an article on the ‘IUD’ in china. which is a long term birth control method. I also did some research on this. In canada or US, the IUD is like ‘o-shaped’ or ‘T-shaped’ which the woman would easily get them out from a clinic without any pain. However, the “IUD” in China looks like a grabber, which is not possible to get it out. That article was about a chinese woman went to a clinic in Canada, and ask the doctor to take it out for her. The doctors first made sure what shape that is and decide which tool should use to get it, by the ultrasound, it looks like a ‘T-shape’, so the doctor choose the tool for T shape, usually it only take several minutes to get it out, but this doctor used about an hour. Why? because the Canadian doctor has never seen or imagined there would be an “IUD’ look like a ‘T shaped grabber’. So she assumed it is ‘T shaped’, however, when she tried to take it out, as you could imagine, it is painful.

The doctor ends up to be very angry to the Chinese doctors, she told that woman that the chinese doctors are so mean because they never want you to remove the IUD once they put that in your body.

It is unfair, I can’t imagine this birth control system in my country is that mean and nasty. And the woman who wants to do the IUD surgery doesn’t know it is that hard to take them off. Do we even have human rights in China?

Week 9 main:

Except for the homeless people, it never occurs to me that food is a issue.  There’s 3 different grocery stores near my place in toronto.Even when I was in west vancouver, the grocery stores are in the walking distance. As from last week’s readings, we can see via the maps, that about 800,000 people uses food bank in toronto, also there’s lots of place not in the restaurant and grocery store catchment. Toronto is such a big city,and maybe because it is big, we can’t get enough grocery stores covering every parts of the city. An important statistic shows that the low income family only have $5 left for each person spend on food everyday, that it raise to a question, how much should a people earn each month in order to make a living in toronto. For here make a living i mean have enough money to pay for the rent , also can have a nutritious diet.

Everything here is extremely expensive, and very unsettling. The average rent here in downtown toronto is around $800 per month, people have no other options that they have to do the grocery shoppings in the very expensive supermarkets like metro, sobeys, Loblaw…Lots of people working in the retail, can’t afford it. Saying they earn $12 per hour, 8 hours per day, making it $96 per day, 5 days a week, making it $1920 a month. Here I am setting a best scenario, the fact is lots of people cant get 5 hours per day and 5 days a week.

I’ve never realized how lucky I am till we start this topic, till we look at the people who uses the food bank.

I have to say I am a spoiled kid who take money from parents for granted, who always complaining how hard I suffered from the University, who never appreciate. I am so lucky that I do not need to worry about what to eat, I could cook if I am in the mood, or order take outs, even go to the restaurant whenever I like. My parents always give me enough money to spend. I should appreciate the life I have right now that the only thing I need to focus on is study.



Distance to Supermarkets & Income 1500m+ (FINAL) Map

Lister, Nina-Marie. Placing Food. Ryerson University.

Toronto Public Health. 2010. Toward a Healthy and Sustainable Food System for Toronto. Cultivating Food Connections.




Week 8 Main Blog: food insecurity


I go to metro every week with my roommate, and each of us end up carry back 4 heavy bags of groceries. We always have my refrigerator full of vegetables, meats, fruits, drinks and ice-creams. Besides that, also a cardboard full of snacks. That is learnt from my mom, my mom would never leave one empty space in the fridge.

I was trying to seek help from my parents for this week’s topic, and they talked a lot about the term ‘food insecurity’, and stories when they were a child.

My dad was born in a very poor family in a village of China, he is the second child in his family, and there are total 4 kids. My dad told me that the life was very hard for them that they can only have meat during the Chinese new year. The meat was a luxury to them, even eggs, my dad told me his mother only cook him eggs when he’s sick. My father left his family at the age of 16 and started to work himself. Life started to get better, but still hungry. At their teenager age, there was a policy to use  ‘food tickets’ to purchase food. Why? Because China was at a time lack of food, the government need to control. I can’t imagine a life in hunger, because when I was on diet, I tried to not eat my dinner, and that was a torture for me. When I was on diet, every minute was like an hour long, and my dad had a life like that for almost 19 years.

I am a well-protected girl that my parents never leave me hungry. Even I’m not with them now, my mom always send me the recipe and when we skype, she always give me a live tutorial of how to make delicious chinese food. As I look at the first few sentence of this week’s reading, ‘Toronto is a fabulous city for eating. In this city-region of 5 million people there is no shortage of food choice, from foie gras to French fries. Comfort foods, exotic ingredients, and traditional fare of all of the city’s myriad ethno-cultural groups abound in local shops and markets year-round. Lyrical menus cater to a global palate: phad thai, tikka masala, tostadas, dim sum, sushi, ceviche.” (Lister, 150) I was like, exactly, I feel the same! I’m familiar with every single restaurant on Yonge street.

However, when Lister started to talk about the ‘food insecurity’ issues of toronto, the fact that in the year 2006 , 894, 017 people in toronto still use the food band, and 73 percent of their income are used on rent, therefore, they only have a $5 budget on their food every day. The number scares me, first I had no knowledge about the food bank, I thought it is for Africa, I’ve never thought that many people use food bank here in toronto, second, $5 per day? what can $5 do? I bought a coffee from Starbucks for $5 this morning.

A definition I found from Wikipedia of ‘food insecurity’ is defined that one is considered as food-secure when on do not live in hunger or fear of starvation.

But in fact, this issue is related to social justice, there’s a fact that many area in toronto are not covered with restaurant and grocery stores. How can the people there get the food if they don’t have a car? And why there’s no grocery stores over there? One of the stats also shown that there’s an significant amount of people over 55 are nutritionally vulnerable. Although im not familiar with the food banks, i remember that people’s donation are mostly canned food, and how could a child get enough nutrition with the canned food?

‘Food insecurity’ seems to be a very huge issue here in toronto, would there be any solutions?



Lister, Nina-Marie. Placing Food. Ryerson University.

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Week7 secondary post: a trip to Kensington market.

The field trip last week to the kensington market has changed my impression to it comprehensively. This field trip allowed me to discover the kensington market from a different perspective. I also learnt how hard the people of this neighborhood try to keep  its identity.

I was surprised to see this ‘Hainan association of canada’ in the kensington market, because chinatown is just across the street, and this kind of association should be located in Chinatown by common sense.


I found that if you stand on a random spot of kensington market, and turn around, you could see at least 5 countries.

As David took us go to different parts of the market, I found that some of houses are quite old and lack of  maintenance.  Kensington is a relatively hidden area due to its huge neighbor – Chinatown. The picture below is the outer stairs of the house, it is my fist time to see stairs like this, I’ve once seen that in a japanese cartoon. Personally, I also think that people should use the space more efficiently.

image copy 3image copy 4

I love this place, it is such an amazing area that has all the thing you need in walking distance. People living in this place does not even need to take any public transportation.

I know understand it is a hard work to develop the market without breaking its identity, how they try to not bringing in any lob laws and Starbucks in to the market.   thanks to those people who try hard to keep its original.

image copy

I was amazed by its diversity, and I really appreciate this experience that made me know more about Toronto.

I’m gonna take my friends here someday, and proudly tell them what I know about this place.



week 7 link : Made in China, Made with the world

week 7 link : Made in China, Made with the world

A short 34 seconds advertisement has been controversial for many years.

I first heard about this ad on a news article several years ago, I can’t remember but the article was very negative on this advertisement. As you can see, almost all the comment below this ad are all negative. The main idea of the article and all the comments on youtube, in conclusion, ” China is flattering itself”. 

Chinese government is trying to change people’s image of ‘made in China’, and that is seemingly not acceptable by others.

Almost all of my clothes state ‘Made in China’ on its tag, and they all have really good quality and last for many years. 

For this, I can relate, and I actually feel really proud about it. Recently, a company from U.S asked my dad for a sample ( something related to truck, there’s a very fancy and professional name but I cant remember). The laboratory results they just got back to us is our ‘made in China’ sample has the same quality as the ‘Made in USA’ but our products only cost 2/3 of the US one.

I don’t think ‘made in china’ represents cheap and bad quality goods, the quality is improving because the chinese become specialized, experienced, and professional on manufacturing  and i also don’t think it is necessary to change the tag to ‘made with china’.

Week 7 main blog: As an observer of Yonge street

Toronto has lots of area that represent different culture and identity such as Koreantown, Chinatown, LGBT area.  Yonge street, in my opinion, is the best place to represent Toronto life. Someone told me Yonge street is the longest road in toronto it links the united states as well, I haven’t got a chance to verify that yet. We don’t need to go that far, so here im talking about the area of yonge street between wellesley and dundas.

It is not one of the identity or culture, it is all of them. You can find an all you can eat korean restaurant, a traditional chinese restaurant, fast food restaurants, Japanese sushi, supermarket, cloth stores, sex shop and tatoo store, all of them on yonge street.  As for the location, it is not like bloor street with tons of high-end boutique stores. And this is the street that I’m most familiar with in Toronto because I could observe the street through the window of my bedroom everyday. I really enjoy looking down on the street from my window, because it gives me an opportunity to understand more of this city.

This is a busy street with all types of people which you could see the homeless people, college students, families, and people driving the aston martin at the same time, because Toronto this city is a place mixed up by different levels of people. The street is functional which all different levels of people can find a right place to go.

‘Quite the contrary; what he loved about Toronto was what he called its “messy urban- ism,” the chaotic streets with streetcars, cyclists, motorists, and crossing pedestrians all mixed together yet respecting each other’s space, fruit stands spilling over sidewalks, and sleek modern buildings sprouting up beside ramshackle old ones.’ (Reid, p18) ‘Messy urbanism’ would be the most suitable word to describe this city. ‘modern buildings sprouting up beside ramshackle old ones’ this is exactly what I observed. When I walking on the street, I could strongly feel this collaboration  of modern and history. I  I started to love toronto once I moved to this new condo. Before that, I was living on spadina and bloor, and the only place I could see from my window is the parking lot of Metro. I don’t feel like living in downtown at all, so I decided to move to Wellesley and Yonge, and now I see another form of the city. It is almost 1 a.m, and Yonge street still looks energetic with lights and noises, and some people walking on the street. I love the noise of the street car, the subway, I also love the voice of the street vender, I like the person standing outside of Wellesley station at 9 a.m and say good morning to every single person passing by. I love toronto, and I can’t believe that. U know the lifestyle between Vancouver and Toronto is completely different. I was surprised by this ‘Messy urbanism’ when I first came here, and I swore I would transfer back to UBC at that time.

Now? No, I love this City.


reference: Reid, D. 2010. Bless this mess. Spacing (Summer), 18-23.


Link of the week 6

Link of the week 6

I found this news really shocking that I choose this to be the link of the week.

A girl aged 21 who is a friend of friend of mine attending University of Columbia was killed in L.A, and was found in the water tank of the hotel. She was traveled alone to the united states by herself, and was acting paranormally in the elevator before the day she was killed. 

Now the police are investigating, but RIP Elisa Lam.