Yorkdale shooting.

I had never heard any news of shooting the any city when I was living there. After the eaton center shooting at the food court last summer, I had to go to other shopping mall with my friend for a while. The safety on the public space is now a concern to me. I am so lucky that I did not experience this although I go shopping very often. 

I’ve also heard that last year there was a shooting at a elementary school, and many students were killed. School is also a relatively semi-public space because literarily anyone can access the school.

Looking at our shopping mall or other public space, honestly, there should be more protection there, however, it is very hard to protect a public space because it’s for the public.

The only thing we could do about it is be careful ourselves.

Week 11 link

The subway from union to shutdown almost every weekend, therefore, I have to take the shuttle bus last weekend. It was a very terrible experience, i was thinking I would get St.geroge station faster if I walk there myself.

My friend drive me to markham for food twice a month, and that every time it took us an hour to get there, and it only take us 20 minutes to go back. We go there around 5pm, and come back around 10p.m.

I already considered the condos are a disaster for our city, because the developer already built as many as they can, condos are everywhere while many people can’t afford to buy them. There’s lots of people living in richmond hill or north york, purchase a condo in Downtown, and rent it out, then after several years, they can sell it at a really high price.

The transportation system scars me, I live on Yonge street, and I can observe a traffic Jam in very late night. Meantime, as the development of the car rental company, such as zipcar and cartogo, the situation only becomes worth.

But there’s still many needs for cars.

Week 10: secondary.

I still remember when I tasted the first sip of milk in Canada, I was so surprised because I was drinking a completely different kind of ‘milk’ in the past 14 years. Physical appearance and description?Something white, more like water.

As we move our topic to the food insecurity, it made me think of this huge scandal happened in china five years ago, someone did a calculation and the results showed that with the milk cows we have in china, it was not possible to make that much milk we currently have on the market. Where does the extra milk come from?

I’m not a huge fan of milk, but I had to drink milk because everyone else was drinking. Elementary teacher told us milk is an important source of protein and it would make you smart. I had to admit when I first saw this article I felt pretty sad because I felt like that I have been poisoned since I was born.

Now the food insecurity issue is everywhere, I felt a little crushed after I know how a chicken was raised. Global north and south, the firms are all making the food that is unnatural, because their eyes’ are more on the profits. We know it, so what? we still need to eat.

Week 9 secondary blog: street food party

Week 9 secondary blog: street food party

This article is from the spacing magazine, it is about a street food party that gathers a lot of street venders and food trucks. The street food has actually become a culture of toronto, that when people talking about the word ‘street food’ it is not only hotdogs and chips, it is actually street food with diversity. The woman in the video says that we could get the street food at the same level with any popular restaurant in toronto. To be honest, I have never tried any street food before coming to toronto, because my mom doesn’t allow me to eat street food, she thinks street food are always made with expired meat. Actually , it’s not, and I could prove that. The street food here is very clean and surprisingly delicious, and it is convenient and cheap. I hope this culture would keep and we should have more street venders here in toronto!

Week 8 link: thoughts of the guest blog.

Week 8 link: thoughts of the guest blog.

I found that my guest blogger’s topic is extremely interesting to me, therefore I searched it online: ‘The Chinese Ring’, im  sure it is not a compliment.  People have never seen this kind of ring in other countries. The stainless ring is 1/4 of the T shaped copper ring. And it is very hard to remove, because of the birth control , they never want to to get it removed once you have it.

Human rights…sigh…

week 9 link: st patrick’s day parade

week 9 link: st patrick’s day parade

Last sunday, when I was preparing my exam, I heard noises from the streets downstairs which made me very excited. I almost forgot it was St.Patrick’s day parade, haha it is funny because there’s a parade for st.patrick’s day. At least, I’ve never seen one in Vancouver. 

This Irish holiday parade made me stop and watch even i was very busy, I enjoyed the parade. I also went to the bloor street on that day and I was very surprise that the whole town is celebrating this holiday. It is always glad to see the cultures from different country, and Canada have lots of holidays which is celebrating different country. Living in such a welcoming country really makes people feel comfortable.

week 7 link : Made in China, Made with the world

week 7 link : Made in China, Made with the world

A short 34 seconds advertisement has been controversial for many years.

I first heard about this ad on a news article several years ago, I can’t remember but the article was very negative on this advertisement. As you can see, almost all the comment below this ad are all negative. The main idea of the article and all the comments on youtube, in conclusion, ” China is flattering itself”. 

Chinese government is trying to change people’s image of ‘made in China’, and that is seemingly not acceptable by others.

Almost all of my clothes state ‘Made in China’ on its tag, and they all have really good quality and last for many years. 

For this, I can relate, and I actually feel really proud about it. Recently, a company from U.S asked my dad for a sample ( something related to truck, there’s a very fancy and professional name but I cant remember). The laboratory results they just got back to us is our ‘made in China’ sample has the same quality as the ‘Made in USA’ but our products only cost 2/3 of the US one.

I don’t think ‘made in china’ represents cheap and bad quality goods, the quality is improving because the chinese become specialized, experienced, and professional on manufacturing  and i also don’t think it is necessary to change the tag to ‘made with china’.

Link of the week 6

Link of the week 6

I found this news really shocking that I choose this to be the link of the week.

A girl aged 21 who is a friend of friend of mine attending University of Columbia was killed in L.A, and was found in the water tank of the hotel. She was traveled alone to the united states by herself, and was acting paranormally in the elevator before the day she was killed. 

Now the police are investigating, but RIP Elisa Lam.

Week 6 secondary: Is it necessary? It is too much.

Is it necessary? It is too much.

It took me really long to find the translation version of this article.

A bit scary to look at the picture that the government uses the cement cones trying to avoid the homeless. The homeless always find the area under the bridge a shelter because it could keep them from the rain and sunshine. And the government of guangzhou find a tactic to against them. It makes me recall what our guest lecturer told us last week that the bars between the benches is a way to keep the homeless away. But seriously, this is too much, it is too obvious, and also is dangerous for those drivers and passengers. Is this necessary?